I’m over the moon, first to be nominated and then a finalist for a Muddy Award for Best Jeweller in Gloucestershire and Worcestershire for 2022. And I’ll say this now, if you like what I do, PLEASE VOTE for me and Silver Nutshell Jewellery in Cheltenham. It would mean such a lot to win!


My silver jewellery business is a key part of my life, having left a media role back in 2018. It’s my ‘raison d’être’ as you might say. It took over a year to launch because all my pieces, including seashells, leaves and botanicals, are cast from nature. Also, my small business eco-credentials meant I did a lot of research into what, if any, packaging I’d like, how to cast in recycled sterling silver and registering for a hallmark; the UK mark of quality from the London Assay Office. I also thought about how I could give back for those parts of my business, such as postage miles, that I can’t control.

5% sales are donated through @workforgooduk to the ocean charity @whalesorg to help save whales & dolphins

Building a Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Small Business that Gives Back

In my research, I came across a fundraising platform called @workforgooduk which was being used by other creatives as a way to legally donate to a charity of my choice. This step was an easy decision and I signed up straight away. Making sales this way means I donate a percentage of sales to my favourite charity @whalesorg to help save the oceans, whales and dolphins. Last year we raised over £200, which was doubled to £400 from the Work for Good Prize Pot. For 2022, I’m now donating 5% of my sales to this amazing charity.

Running a small business is like building a house!

Building a small business is a huge challenge. It requires a big investment in time and lots of energy, as many creatives will testify. I used to build new brands and yet nothing compares to making every decision, being a maker, customer service advisor, packing expert and social media guru, to name just a few of the roles I now have in my small business life. But I wouldn’t swop this life for anything. It gives back over and over again when I receive feedback from customers. I now sell into Australia and the US, with pieces of my jewellery being worn in Europe and a large part of the UK. That feels like something special to celebrate!

Marketing a small business is about making choices

If you follow me, you’ll know that Instagram is my marketing platform of choice. It’s fun, addictive, a lot of hard work and I love it! I’m my Hungarian, father’s daughter and sharing my knowledge and skills comes naturally to me. He came to the UK with just a suitcase and the desire for a new life and spent it being generous to others. My Mom is the same. I followed in her footsteps and was a Primary Teacher, an evening class Tutor and Knitwear Designer in a former life and an Editor, Publisher and Head of Partnerships in the last one so I’m very fortunate. In my media career, I’ve learnt and worked with some of the best creatives in the business and even a Dragon! I’ll leave you to work out which one.

My TOP TIP for start-ups

Here’s a bit of advice if you’re starting out – Don’t give yourself too much to do! It’s easy to look at other small business owners and feel overwhelmed. But remember, they had to start somewhere. Some jobs, like making and selling your products are important. The marketing of yourself and your business are also important but it’s easy to get swept up in the daily tasks and take on too much. Just like the feeling of running in a race, when you’ve got too much on your mind, you’re less productive. I’d suggest taking it slowly and certainly don’t feel you have to be on every social channel. Just pick one, maybe two, that you enjoy engaging with and start there. Then, when you have the time, add more. Just keep focussed on making, sharing. selling because it’s important that you wnjoy what you do.

Limited Edition Collection

🧡 If you like what I do, please VOTE for me…


I want to say a huge thank you to the Muddy Stilettos Team I used to organise, manage and host ‘The British Craft Awards’ at NEC for CHSI and Immediate Media. Sadly, they’re no more but supporting the magazine teams to get the voting process underway during the early stages was an incredibly busy time. I’m sure the team at Muddy Stilettos know what I’m talking about! There is so much that goes on behind the scenes to make things happen so a huge thank you to everyone involved.

Minchinhampton Daisy Necklace

I’m delighted to be a Finalist for Best Jeweller in Gloucestershire & Worcestershire. I’m up against four other jewellers, all deserving of this award.

My customers and online community have been brilliant throughout my journey, and I don’t take anything for granted. I’d love to WIN, which will be down to your votes. So, please vote for me and my small business, Silver Nutshell Jewellery in Cheltenham.

Many thanks, Anna x

Ps hop over to Instagram and follow along if you’d like some small business advice, are looking for jewellery techniques snd tips or would like to become a customer

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