Hollow Silver Seashell Necklace


Cast in sterling silver from a real shell found on the beach, this beautiful Hollow Silver Shell Necklace is an eye catching piece to wear every day.

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Organic and lovely to wear, this Hollow Silver Shell Necklace is part of the Statement Collection.

Say ‘You’re perfect to me’ with this 925 Hollow Silver Shell Necklace. Cast in recycled sterling silver from a real piece of broken seashell found on a Norfolk beach and worn smooth by the waves, it’s one of series of pieces created to celebrate our unique imperfections.

Thoughtfully handmade and presented in eco-friendly packaging, this beautiful hollow silver shell necklace comes on a choice of sterling silver chain lengths. Measures 15 x 16mm


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5% of sales of the Signature Collection go to the charity, WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, to protect our oceans and these beautiful creatures.

Discover more about your donation in this blog post.


Give a gift of 925 sterling silver jewellery, inspired by the British countryside and coastline, to celebrate a special moment or memory. Send as a special gift for a milestone birthday, a 25th silver wedding anniversary or simply to say thank you.

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Each piece of Silver Nutshell Jewellery is naturally unique and may vary slightly from another because of the way it is cast and finished. I use casting methods to pick up the natural detail so my pieces are authentic and made to last forever.


100 pieces of the most wild and beautiful pieces to own. Limited Edition 100 is a stunning collection of one-of-a-kind pieces, chosen specifically by me because they are unique and utterly exquisite cast in Sterling Silver.

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