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Creating connections

Part 1 of 3 Do you own a special piece of family jewellery? Perhaps a ring which has been handed down through the generations or a necklace worn by your Nan. In this three-part series, I’ve highlighted the connections captured in a special piece of family jewellery. My story begins with Rosie’s silver sailboat, which …


Capturing connections

Part 2 of 3 This has been a very special commission because Rosie will wear it to remind her of her Dad. Those memories are so very precious. My Dad passed away in 2012 so I understand how memories are captured and layered in material things. If you think about it, we can all recall …


Remembering connections

Part 3 of 3 In this 3-part series, I’ve written about special jewellery and of family memories so I wanted to finish the series with a photo from my family album. Finally, part 3. Chatting to Rosie‚Äôs reminded me of a piece of jewellery, a four-leaf clover, solid gold necklace, given to me by my …