101 Most Asked Silver Metal Clay Questions

If you’ve seen my Instagram account then you’ll know that I love sharing what I do. From techniques and tutorials to top tips and answering your questions – I’ve packed five years of silver metal clay questions into one Complete Edition.

Easy to download, you can print it or keep it to refer to on your phone.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll find everything you need to build your confidence. Silver metal clay can seem daunting at first because it’s a fairly expensive product and you don’t want to waste a single gram.

If you’ve been making silver metal clay jewellery for a while, you’ll find tips and tricks you never thought of as well as it being a great read!

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ETSY UK Fees Explained

Whether you’re already selling on Etsy or haven’t decided whether to take the plunge – this NEW 12-page download is for you.

With examples from my own experience on Etsy, I’ll take you from making a sale to explain every fee so you know exactly how much profit you can make.

There’s also a section on Etsy Ads plus a Q&A so you’ll have all the answers to your questions by the time you’ve read it.

Easy to download and print or keep on your phone or computer to refer to later, you can buy this download from my Etsy Store at silvernutshell

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