Hello… it’s true, ever since I can remember I’ve had a love of nature.

As a child, I filled my pockets with shells and pebbles from the beach, as well as going blackberry picking with my grandparents. The memories of wearing a string of different shaped and coloured shells, or threading daisies together to make a pretty daisy chain to wear, are as clear today as they were then.

Inspired by the beautiful shapes of shells, botanicals, grasses, seeds, and fossils, I began to design and create sterling silver jewellery, using the wonders of the world around me as my source book. The aim was to preserve the essence of the organic shapes and textures in a precious metal. I’m a silver caster and I also use other techniques to recreate these natural pieces.

During recent months, I’ve challenged myself to find ways to reconnect more with nature and the beautiful landscape that I live in. I’ve foraged for leaves and pieces of bark and made silver rings; just experimental pieces for now. You can see more of these, as well as techniques, how to’s and my nature diary by visiting my blog, see above, Behind the Scenes.

I design and create my pieces using real shells, leaves, fossils and seedpods to make beautiful, handmade jewellery. And, my passion for nature doesn’t stop there. As a new brand, I am highly sensitive to our impact on the planet so sustainability and responsible sourcing is at the heart of everything that I do. When I say I … of course I mean we, because every customer, follower and small business that I support is part of my tribe. Please join me @silvernutshell on Instagram.

Thanks for being here and I hope you’ll join me for what will be an exciting, creative journey. You have the option to buy from MY SHOP or at Silver Nutshell Etsy Shop where you’ll find all of my 2020 / 2021 collections.

“Ethical, wild and handmade jewellery business”

Anna ~ Founder, Designer and Maker