Acorns are special and it’s difficult to resist picking one up when I’m out walking in the countryside. Containing a single oak seed and nestled still in their cup, they also make lovely silver pendants.

One of a kind jewellery

My silver acorn is without doubt a favourite with my customers. It is one of those iconic pieces which can be worn with anything and throughout the season, especially during the autumn and winter hanging on a longer chain and worn over a chunky knit.

Sand cast from a real acorn, the casting process has picked up all the detail of the textured cup and a smooth seed. Of course, the cast is created in two halves so you can see where the join is, which all needs filing out in the finishing process.

This piece is one of the hallmarked pieces in my collection. It weighs 10.5g, which is just slightly more than two 20p pieces and over the limit of 7.78g, the legal limit for a piece requiring a hallmark here in the UK.

Real v silver

I love a hallmark. It’s a mark of quality and means that I can legally sell my piece and call it 925 Sterling Silver. Without the hallmark, I’d only be able to refer to the piece as the colour silver. It’s something to look out for when you’re buying precious metal. Visit which includes the information you’ll need about hallmarking.

The perfect gift for someone that you’re NUTS ABOUT

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