There’s something magical about finding a shell fossil on the beach. It’s a little curiosity which is simply unique. These are a couple of fossil shells which make stunning silver pendants.

The technique of casting picks up every bobble, ridge and groove so even the tiniest detail can be captured in silver. There’s no colour to hide behind, just the beauty of the raw precious metal that is 925 sterling silver.

The process of casting will reduce the size of a piece by around 10% so the silver version is just slightly smaller than the natural piece. Whilst the shape is preserved, the lack of colour and the silver tone makes a piece look quite different.

If you like these then you’ll love the Hollow Shell Collection…

Hollow Shell Collection to celebrate our little imperfections

The Hollow Shell Collection celebrates our little imperfections. Cast from real shells found on a beach, these hollow pieces can be hung on a chain which is threaded directly through the piece.

Each piece is unique and light enough to be worn every day.

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