Part 3 of 3 In this 3-part series, I’ve written about special jewellery and of family memories so I wanted to finish the series with a photo from my family album. Finally, part 3.

Chatting to Rosie’s reminded me of a piece of jewellery, a four-leaf clover, solid gold necklace, given to me by my Hungarian Grandma, Emelia. Sadly, I too lost it, this time through a break-in many years ago.

My Dad had travelled to England on a European worker, refugee scheme in the late 1940’s. He had to leave behind his family and especially his Mom, who he didn’t see again for another 15 years. She spoke no English and yet travelled to England on her own to visit our family. It would be the one and only time.

I haven’t thought about that piece of family jewellery for a few years but chatting to Rosie, I was taken straight back to picturing it in my mind. It clearly holds a connection to the past and to the Grandma that I only hear stories about.

Sometime soon, when the time is right, I’ll recreate my own missing gold, four-leaf clover to remind me of my beautiful, strong, Hungarian Grandma, Emelia, pictured here with my Dad. And, it’s not lost on me, the fact that she brought me a four-leaf clover, lucky charm all the way from Hungary. My sister recently mentioned that she’s still got her lucky charm so I’ll be creating a mould and making myself a copy and perhaps I’ll make ones for my granddaughters too!

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